HOME of the SHRIMP Ion Microprobe

Australian Scientific Instruments (ASI) specialises in the development and manufacture of specialist scientific instruments for geochemistry. ASI's flagship products are the SHRIMP IIe and new SHRIMP  IV sensitive high resolution ion microprobes. These instrument, developed at the Australian National University (ANU), set the standard for accuracy, reliability and productivity in SIMS instruments around the world. 

 ASI manufactures the Alphachron™ automated uranium-helium thermochronology instrument. This was originally developed by the CSIRO and Patterson Instruments, and has applications in both research and economic geology. This has now been extended with the innovative RESOchron instrument, combining the Alphachron with the Resonetics Resolution laser ablation system.

ASI is supported by the world-class capabilities and research strengths of the Australian National University. This ensures that both the instruments and the techniques for their use are maintained at the leading edge. ASI has won several awards for its technology, design and export performance.