Iolite Data Reduction Software - NOW AVAILABLE with RESOlution Laser Ablation Systems

Iolite remains at the forefront of data reduction

Iolite remains at the forefront of data reduction and visualisation techniques applied to mass spectrometry data, with two new imaging techniques published recently in peer-reviewed journals, new Add-Ons created by third-parties, and international workshops conducted regularly. Iolite is distinguished from its competitors by great support and an active user community. Iolite is compatible with major laser ablation systems and with around 10 different mass spectrometers (with more still in beta version).

Ongoing development is by Bence Paul, Chad Paton (now at STARPLAN), and Jon Woodhead, with the assistance and input of the Melbourne Isotope Research Group and a variety of researchers from other disciplines.

Iolite provides a flexible, but powerful, data structure and visualisation environment, where every step of the data reduction process can be visually inspected.